Blizzard Bag Day 1: Emotional Intelligence and Emotions

Open a Google Docs and address the following:

1.  Research what emotional intelligence is and write 2 paragraphs (a brief summary) describing it.  At the bottom, list your resource(s)

2.  Watch the Ted Talk Video (11 min) entitled: "Rana el Kaliouby:  This app knows how you feel---from the look on your face" and answer the questions below on that same google doc.


3.  Questions:

1.  Describe the app that is discussed in the Ted Talk
2.  Describe 5 ways that this app can be used to benefit human kind.
3.  Describe 3 potential risks or concerns that you have about this app.
4.  List 2 questions that the video leaves you with
5.  Do you think that this app is a good idea?  Explain your thinking.

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