Interview Project

Introduction to Psychology
Interview Project

Due Date:  Friday, November 7

Project Goal:  As we continue to cover developmental psychology in class you will have the opportunity to interview two people from adolescents to old age.  You will be asking them questions that pertain to their age and place in the life cycle and then analyzing the feedback that you receive.  The goal of this assignment is to learn about life span development through the interviews.

Part I:  Design the questions and write them out or type them up.  Leave room to write answers under the questions.

The Specifics:
·         For each interview you should plan on asking at least 10 questions, at least one of the questions needs to be focused on Erikson’s psychosocial stages
o   For example, Erikson describes middle age as “generativity vs stagnation” ; specifically he is describing the point where adults either feel productive or that they have not achieved what they want.  A good question would be:  “what is an accomplishment that you are proud of?”  “Do you feel that you contribute to society in a positive way?”

·         The other questions can be about what the person has experiences through his/her lifetime.  For example,
o   What is your favorite childhood memory?
o   What types of things did you do for fun when you were younger?
o   What are some inventions that you have seen in your lifetime?
o   How was technology different when you were growing up than it is today?
o   What do you do for work and are you satisfied with that line of work?
o   Who is a person that you consider a “hero”?
o   At what age did you consider yourself grown up?
o   Complete this sentence:  The most difficult time in my life was ______________
o   Ten years from now what do you see yourself doing?

Part II:  Complete the interview with your parents, guardian or an adult that is fairly close to you.  You can video tape or write the answers down, whatever is comfortable for you and the participants.

Part III:  Write a one page reflection that uses the connects the theories that we have been learning about in class with what you learned about development with the people that you interviewed.  Pass in the interview questions, responses and your reflection.


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